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Care Services

Care Services

Kool Pool Care is locally owned and operated we are a full service local pool service & repair company serving the Phoenix Metro Area. You name it we do it from chemical service, tile cleaning, pump/filter repair and replacements even plaster repair or whole pool rebuild. Kool pool care strives to meet all of your pool service and maintenance needs with honest and reliable service.

Care Services

Kool Pool Care Professional Services

We offer a range of professional pool and spa services in the Phoenix Metro area specializing in the North Phoenix North Scottsdale areas. We do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers and we guarantee that your pool service is headache free. Kool Pool Care technicians enjoy working closly with our customers and strive to make life easier for them.

Here is a listing of the services Kool Pool Care provides:

Weekly Pool Services

Weekly Pool Service starts with the removal of any debris in and around the pool or spa including a quick cleaning of the pool deck. A visual inspection of the water for clarity, color and visible contaminants. Once this is complete we test the PH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels and make adjustments to them as neaded. Your technician will check that the water level is high enough for the pump to operate at optimum levels and check the filter pressure and backwash. Our mission is to keep your pool as clean as if it were ours.

Care Services

Pool Pressure Washing

Pressure washing a pool can help remove algae, dirt and other bacteria that can build up here in Phoenix. This is a common proble for oulying area due to the dust and dirt in the air. If you are in North Phoenix, Anthem, Cave Creek or North Scottsdale this is a service you need to make sure you take advantage of. We use the best equipment available and make sure that when we are finished your pool shines.

Pool System Repairs

Many times pool repairs can be costly and overwhelming with many companies out there to make a quick buck it can be very intimidating. Rest assured we are interested in a long term relationship and would rather honor our customers than take a quick extra dollar. We want you to have your pool back in working order without all the worry.  Our promise to you is that we will be fair and honest when quoting you for service that you NEED. A fair estimate and make timley repairs you can trust.

Green Pool Clean Up

We specialize in green pool cleanup and take great pride in the job we do for our customers in this area. Kool Pool Care takes this very seriously. Having a green pool can be a health danger to you and your family and neighbors. While this process can take hours if not days depending on how bad the pool condition is, we dedicated to getting it done. We take great pride in you having a sparkling pool again.

Pool Inspections

Kool Pool care will perform a complete inspection of your pool and spa as well as all the related equipment to insure your pool is operating at is its very best.  we go beyond just checking the pool and the surrounding deck to be sure they are free of cracks and other potential hazards, we make sure that all of the equipment is working properly this includes: pumps, heaters, filters, and drains.

Pool Pump Sand Changes

Sometimes a pool system requires a sand change to filter teh water properly. This can often be very messy and a general frustrating chore. Our technicians are trained to make this an easy process for you. We will take care of everything needed without overcharging for sand or our time. Outstanding service everytime no matter the job at hand.

Pool Heating Pumps

In Arizona when the weather gets “cold” many of our customers still like to use their pools.  Kool Pool Care can help make that happen with a heating pump. There are many options but the most effecient extract heat from the air and uses it t owarm the water through a compressor. We are happy to help you make the best decision for your pool.

Variable Speed Pump Repair Or Installation

It is the law in AZ as of 2012 that all pool pumps must be 2 speed or variable pump here in Arizona. The  pump is what keeps your pool clean by pushing the water through your filters.  This is one of the most important components of your pool system. If you haven’t upgraded yet or your pump is having a hrd time doing its job it should be replaced by a more efficient pool pump.

Pool Lighting

Pool Lights are what make your pool a beautiful oasis after dark.  We can help you plan and install new lighting to match your desires for a pool that will meet all of your expectations at night. Call us now to make your Pool and Pool deck the place to hang out after dark.