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Anthem Pool Service & Repair Difference

Kool Pool Care, a complete pool care specialist and a full service anthem pool service & repair company, is pleased to announce that we serve the Anthem AZ area. Kool Pool Care prides itself on 3 kids in an Anthem pool AZtaking care of your pool repair needs including any pool service and all types of needed pool repairs Isn’t that what complete pool care should mean? We make sure that there is no guesswork on your part when it comes to the best service and repair in the Phoenix metro area. We save you from handling hazardous chemicals and make taking care of your pool the one thing you never need to be concerned about. We also make sure to take our time and maintain your pool chemical levels on every visit. We make sure that we only add what NEEDS to be added. Your pool balance levels are important and we have the technical know how on how to properly set the perfect levels so you are able to enjoy your backyard pool with out having to be concerned about anything. Keith Kowolski (Kool Pool Owner) is completly dedicated to your peace of mind.

Yes as I mentioned we make sure your chemicle levels are correct but that is only a small part of what our technicians do everytime they stop by. You never have to worry about our technicians showing up and only being there less than 5 minutes. We train our certified tech to meet the high standards we would want for our pool. So everytime they show up they will take thier time and do it right. We even have them clean the pool decking! We also make sure your tile, plaster and all of the pool plumbing is properly set for optimal, efficient water flow. Including taking care of any plaster or tile work that needs to be completed. Our techs are certified and able to take care of all of your pool needs. Including SPA and pool repair or if necessary, remodel to better suite your wishes. We do service and repair all types of pool pumps, clean and change pool filters as needed…and of course so much more. If you need Anthem pool service and repair we are here to support you. We are happy to maintain your anthem pool with service that no one comes close to in the Phoenix metro area.

Who is the best complete pool care specialist in Anthem?
Well we are of course….read below to see why!

The Anthem Pool Service Difference – Swimming Pool Repair Anthem AZ

Kool Pool Care is by far the best option for you if you are deciding on a pool cleaner let us show you what we can do for your Anthem swimming pool . One of the guiding principals of Kool Pool Care to be as courteous, efficient, and professional as we can and provide you with the best unobtrusive pool maintenance possible. We strive to educate our technicians so they are properly trained and certified. We hire only those with years of hands-on training. Kool Pool Care technicians all have the skills necessary to be one of the few pool service companies that can say they are a full service pool repair and maintenance company. Kool pool technicians are experts in all things pool. That means if anything happens to your pool that needs expert pool service our technicians are up to the task and able to diagnose and fix whatever the problem is. Our mission that we take very seriously, is to let you relax, and never be concerned or worried about your Anthem Pool. That your pool will always be in the very best shape possible so you can focus on enjoying your pool.

Anthem Pool Repair & Service | 24 Hour Pool Service in Anthem AZ

Kool Pool Care is pleased to offer 24 hour service for our professionals with pool and spa services throughout all of Anthem, AZ. We work hard to exceed all of your expectations. Our customers love the fact that guarantee a headache free experience. Our working relationship with our customers is one of the things that se us apart from everyone else. I mean how can we be considered a complete pool care specialist if we do not do everything we can t o take care of our customers?

What about winter Anthem pool service?

Enjoy-Your-Pool-During-Winter-in-Anthem-AZKool Pool Care works all year to provide a complete pool service no matter the time of year. We understand Arizona winters and make sure that all heaters and spas are working in tip top shape. We are also experts in maintaining spas, and all types of pool heaters that get used here in the “fridged” winters found in Anthem, AZ. Most of the time pool heating pumps and above ground Jacuzzi do not get used all year, then all of a sudden are used nonstop. This can cause a lot of stress on the pool system because most people pay no attention to the heating elements of the pool all year long then are surprised when the heater does not work. We have experience with many pool heaters and pool heating pump issues. This happens when our regional visitors move back to Anthem when the winters in their other residences starts to get too cold for comfort. This makes for quite an awakening when those systems are ‘fired’ up….especially if they have been neglected for any portion of time during the Anthem, AZ heat. Some of the bigest culprets include the pool heater, and regular maintenance of the plaster and tile. We are certified and experienced to maintain all aspects of your pool, For all your Anthem, AZ service needs please call us so we can show you the difference that Kool Pool Care brings to your back yard oasis.

Who repairs pools in Anthem, AZ?

We know you have many options on your choice for a pool cleaner in Anthem, and we would be honored to be that choice. We are a full service solution for your pool service and repair needs, that we are the best choice available. We make sure to employ technicians that are personally responsible and take your pool service needs seriously. Every one of our technicians is vetted and tested regularly to make sure you are getting the best qualified and that they are good people. We are able to complete any service needs you have that may come up, including any major needs that you might have. So in short we are able to take care of your pool maintenance, service and repair on all the parts of your complete pool system. This includes anything having to do with pool pumps, pool heaters, spas or jacazzis plaster or tile.

Green Pools in Anthem, AZ are our specialty! | Green Pool In New River

A Green pool is generally caused by algae in the pool. Most of the time this is due to a lack of maintenance or service and needs to be addressed right away. the algae can build up and cause a number health issues for you and your family. Dont take it from me but many of the cities in the Phoenix area including Anthem and New River, AZ will fine you for having a green pool. It is considered a health risk and the fines can be pretty expensive. If you are struggling and fighting with your pool to keep it clean call us and allow us to take that headache away and get back control of your pool.

Many cities in the Metro Phoenix area including Anthem, New River and Cave Creek have really been cracking down on stagnant pools. Let us help you stay out of trouble.

The City of Scottsdale Website says:
“Pools and bodies of water need to be maintained in a healthy and usable condition, free of stagnant water or conditions that promote insect infestation or deterioration.”

Best Commercial Pool Cleaning Services in Anthem, AZ

Swimming laps in my Anthem pool service by kool pool careResidential pool services is only one of the services we provide. We also are trusted with pool maintenance and repair contracts for many commercial properties including large apartment complexes. While many of our commercial pool service contracts are with apartment complexes we also take care of a few other commercial properties. Property management companies place their trust in Kool Pool Care to keep their properties pools in Anthem, AZ in the best shape possible. As you can be assured of it is very important to keep the residents happy during the Arizona summer. A green pool is a very large concern to the apartment management teams because of the level of use that occurs. At Kool Pool Care we place our values of responsiveness, consistency, and quality at the top of everything we do. We will never compromise our values by doing anything but the best work for you. We do not cut corners or provide anything but the highest customer care and best pool service possible. We are committed to making sure you are properly taken care of with an emphasis on communication. We place your safety, and communication at the top of our commitment to you. With customer service and taking care of you being our first commitment we strive to be your premier Pool service and repair company in Anthem, AZ.

Who should I hire to maintain and service my Anthem AZ pool?

Many times we hear the same things when we get hired. Pretty much it is because of one or two things. The first is they were attempting to take care of their pool service by themselves and things just did not go well, and have decided that it is too difficult and time consuming. Constant, vigilant, pool maintenance is a struggle that never seems to end. You struggle to keep your water and pool from turning green with out the experience needed to do so. Never-mind optimizing the pool to keep it safe and beautiful while enjoying the Anthem, AZ summers. It can be difficult to keep track of pool chemicals while keeping up with everything else that life throws at you. In addition to pool maintenance, Cool Pool Care also excels at any pool repairs and other items so that you do not have to. Just what you need a pool company that takes care of things so you do not have to. The second reason is the pool company they had was horrible and never communicated ..EXCEPT to send over a bill that is.
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