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North Phoenix Pool Service

North Phoenix Pool Service & Repair

Kool Pool Care is locally owned and operated. We believe in supporting the local business and are pleased to offer full north phoenix pool service & repair. ¬†We are a pool repair company serving all of northern Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ. Kool Pool Care is dedicated to taking care of all of your pool maintenance, pool cleaning, pool service, and pool repair needs. We actually check your pool chemicals and maintain the proper levels unlike any pool service companies that “say” they do. Our technicians are trained to take their time and show you and your pool the respect it deserves. Maintaining the chemical balance is one of the things that has to be done regularly to help keep your pool system pump and pool filter operating at their best.North Phoenix Pool Service Tools Of The Trade

Checking your chemicals is only one of the things we do on EVERY visit. We also clean your tile and pool decking, check filters and make sure your pool pump is working properly. This include cleaning and or replace your pool filters as needed.
Because we are a fully certified pool repair specialist we can also take care of any plaster pool repair and remodels. We also service pool pumps of any kind! We are here to meet all of your North Phoenix pool service and repair needs. We pride ourselves on our relationships in North Phoenix and promise to maintain your pool needs with honest and reliable service.

We are the best pool cleaner in North Phoenix!

The Kool Pool Service Difference – Pool Service North Phoenix

Kool Pool Care is by far the the best choice you can make for your north phoenix pool service and repair. If you are looking for a reliable, honest, local pool cleaner for your North Phoenix swimming pool you should call us to see the difference. We take our work very seriously to give you the best service with a dedication to the details. Our technicians are courteous, efficient, and professional. In order to provide you with the best possible experience.

We have over the years come up with a pool service formula that meets the high standards of our North Phoenix Neighbors. Our technicians are trained and held accountable for every service visit they make. Our service is considered to be the best in the valley! We got that way through hard work and hours of training. Let us show you the difference that we can make for your North Phoenix pool service.

If you are having a problem with your pool we can diagnose and fix the problem. There have been many times where we were called out to service a broken pool system that the previous pool repair company was unable to fix and told the owner they needed a new pump or in one case that the customer had to replace the whole system. It turned out that all it took as a simple fix. We can not speak for other pool technicians but I can say we made the client very happy. We look at our customers as partners and make sure that they are protected and their pool is serviced so they do not have to be concerned about anything.

Cool Pool Care offers 24 hour service for many professional pool and spa services throughout the North Phoenix, Arizona area. We guarantee our work and make sure we go above and beyond all of our clients expectations. We love working with our customers and make sure their pool maintenance is never something they should be concerned about.

Is winter a concern for North Phoenix pool services?

Enjoy Your North Phoenix Pool Service During The AZ Winter Kool Pool Care is a full service pool company that continues to work all year here in the great state of Arizona. Our certified training for all things having to do with the maintenance and repair for hot tubs, pool heaters, heating pumps, in and above ground Jacuzzi, and spa. Most people tend to neglect these items during the summer when it is hot out. Then when they go to turn them on during our “Brisk” winters they have problems. We are certified expert service and repair for many pool heaters and pool heating pump issues. We can maintain and repair jucuzzi and hot tubs. It is a different set of certifications when compared to swimming pool maintenance. Rest assured we have you covered. No matter what help you need with your pool system. We can provide you with the best service available.

Who repairs pools in North Phoenix, AZ?

Just looking around you can see there are many pool cleaners in North Phoenix. Unfortunately most of them have no real understanding of how to properly repair a pool system. There are may important pieces of a pool system that if one of them is not operating at its best will throw out the system balance and can cause un-needed expenses. Our technicians are trained extensively by us no matter their experience, we want to make sure their knowledge is up to par with the Kool Pool Standards. We are one of the few that can properly say ALL of our technicians our trained to keep your pool pump, pool heater, pool sweep, and the rest of the system is the best condition possible. We are an all in one solution for all of your pool care needs. Not only in normal, routine, simple pool maintenance, but we care take care of any major pool emergencies and repairs to allow you to have peace of mind in regards to your pool service & repair or anything that may come up.

Our technicians are certified experts and able to diagnose any problems you may have with pool pumps, pool heaters, and hot tubs or spas.
When draining your pool, back washing the pool filter, many “service” companies out there do not take the time to protect your beautiful North Phoenix landscaping. Whenever possible we use the sewer clean-out to be sure that no pool water is drained illegally onto a North Phoenix street, alleyway or right of way.

Does Cool Pool Care service North Phoenix commercial property pools?

North Phoenix Pool Repair and Service for Community PoolsPool Care services many commercial property pools. We have established ourselves as an expert pool service and repair company for residential pool services, however we would be remiss if we did not mention that we have a number of pool maintenance and repair contracts with commercial properties. Even commercial management companies put their trust in Kool Pool Care
to maintain and service their pools in North Phoenix in the best condition for their residents. Our values and personal responsibility to uphold responsiveness, consistency, and quality are always on display with anything we do. Compromise is never an option when it comes to the safety of you or your residents by taking shortcuts or by providing less than exceptional work. We continue to insist on being available anytime our clients need us. This commitment to customer service allows us to be the premier pool maintenance and repair company in North Phoenix.

Who should I hire to maintain my North Phoenix pool?

Most of our clients hire us after one of two things. The first is they were attempting to service their own pool and have decided that it is too difficult and time consuming. Constant vigilant pool maintenance is a never ending struggle to keep your water and pool from turning green. Never-mind optimizing the pool to keep it safe and beautiful while enjoying the North Phoenix Lifestyle. It can be difficult to keep track of pool chemicals while keeping up with everything else that life throws at you. In addition to pool maintenance, Cool Pool Care also excels at any pool repairs and other items so that you do not have to. Just what you need….. a pool company that takes care of things so you do not have to.

Kool Pool Care | North Phoenix Pool Service & Repair

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