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Repair & services

Repair and services

North Phoenix Pool Repair Tips

Every swimming pool and spa system relys on a effective filtration sys tem to keep the water clean and free of debris both the kind you can see and the stuff you can not see.
The first stage of cleaning is accomplished by manually removing excess debris from the pool by skimming it with a fine netted skimmer. This helps remove the larger bits and peices that have fallen into the pool. The automatic skimmer then cycles water through a basket to help catch the stuff  that was missed during the maual cleaning or to help keep the pool clear in between cleanings.
This skimmer automatically cycles the top surface through a basket to catch that debris.
The second stage is the pump and floor clesner. There are many types of these depending on your needs the best thing you can do is to ask which is best suited for your location. There i a leave catcher that is in line with the floor cleaner and this must be emptied out on a a regular basis.
The 3rd and final stage is the actual filter. Water is pumped through it to collect the smallet particles from the water and this needs to be backwashed on a regular basis to make sure it is properly filtering the water. There are many options here so do not let anyone talk you into more than you need. Ask us for your best options.
This is a very simplified version of how a pool system works and it is best to contact a professional for proper service.

When your pool system fails, it is best to call in a pool service repair specialist that can properly diagnose and correct your system to get it back to 100% effeciency While we are located in North Phoenix and North Scottsdale we are happy to help in any way we can. Frequent filter cleaning is required and can restore your pools perfect flow rate. There are many things that can go wrong that will need someone with the experience and know how to properly diagnose and correct.

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Repair & services
Repair & services