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repair & upgrades

repair & upgrades

Pool Repairs

If you are installing a new system or are looking to upgrade your pool and spa, we would be happy to install your equipment making sure that everyting is properly and efficiently installed so that your new equipment runs to the best of its ability. We will also make sure that you NEED to change out your equipment possibly saving you thousands of dollars. We will run diagnostic tests on all equipment you have and give you upfront and honest opinions on what needs to go and also the best equipment you can buy. The idea is to make sure that you are properly educated so that no matter where you purchace your pool equipment. We are interested in a positive experience and strive to do whateverr is needed to provide that. We can relocate pool equipment as needed and install any parts that need to be replaced.

Pool and Spa Remodeling

If your pool needs a face lift, Kool Pool can help. If you need new tile or new vinyl lines, let us revitalize your spa or pool. Even if you just need a facelife we have a number of things we can do that will make your pool shine. We work hard to minimize your costs even if we were not the original installers.

Leak Detection Service

Leak detection is something we take very seriously because a small leak can quickly spiral out of control and cause major damage. Because of this, if you suspect a leak let us know and we will handle it as if you were calling 911 for your pool. We will get to you very quickly and apply our propriatary methods with state-of-the-art equipment to head off and minimize any damage caused by a pool leak. If you suspect your pool is losing water, call us quickly so we can put an immediate end to this problem saving you countless monies and agrivation.

We repair

  • Pool plumbing and electrical
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Salt systems
  • Remote systems
  • Pool pumps and filters
  • Pool motors
  • Pool lights
  • Pool heaters
  • repair & upgrades

This is what we do and it is the core of our business. If you need your pool in top working condition and are interested in a repairman you can trust call us in North Phoenix at 602-677-4568